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Destination Opobo

Welcome to Opobo

Opobo Kingdom is a home to many famous people like King Jaja of Opobo. Known for its rich cultural heritage and peaceful coexistence. Opobo is a rich city of tourism. explore endless possibilities in a city that never sleeps especially during the new year celebration.
Opobo is the dream tourist destination for the experience of the rich cultural of King Jaja's Kingdom.

Airport to Opobo Map

King Jaja Memorial

A bronze monument that cost 3,000 points; erected at the centre of Opobo in 1907.


King Jaja's Giant Bell

Erected by King Jaja at the centre of Opobo in 1887. It serves as a symbol of unity and authority. It is tolled every midnight of 31st December to announce the New Year.
It is also tolled to rally people together at the King Jaja Monument Square during emergencies in the Kingdom.


King Jaja Palace Gate


Opobo Nwaotam Festival

The Opobo Nwaotam Regatta Festival is an annual festival in Opobo Kingdom. The Festival is held every New Year’s Eve and 1st January of each new year.

Staying in Opobo


There are few hotels and places you can relax and explore Opobo.
Opubo Hotels & Suites is the biggest hotel in Opobo town with state-of-the-art facilities to provide all hotel services including accommodation and restaurant services. Other options are Four Sisters hotel and Remah Guest House

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